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Being involved in municipal credit assessment and long-term municipal infrastructure finance for the past 24 years, first with INCA and since 2010 with INCA Portfolio Managers, the team is well placed to provide advice and undertake consulting services in the municipal sector.

The IPM team are the leaders in providing municipal financial modelling to underpin longer term planning, budgeting and investment for municipalities in South Africa.  IPM spearheaded the concept of long-term financial plans and models for municipalities in South Africa and since 2014 have successfully completed a number of these assignments.

It is essential for any municipality to have the required financial modelling skills to be able to quantify the impact of policy decisions.  Given its track record in this area, IPM is the logical partner to the municipalities.

IPM can also make a meaningful contribution to private sector and big business wishing to successfully engage with their municipality.  The number of municipalities utilised by IPM as references is a testament of the footprint IPM has built in the sector.

Our clients are:

- International Development Institutions such as the World Bank; AFD; SECO; and GIZ

- National Government, National Treasury and COGTA

- The Municipal Demarcation Board

- Provincial Governments: Western Cape & Gauteng

- Metropolitan Municipalities, District Municipalities and Local Municipalities

IPM prides itself on its ability to transfer its skills and expertise to municipal officials and to empower the executive core to extend their capacity and decision making process.

IPM remains committed to enhancing financial discipline, accountability and responsible financial management at sub-sovereign level of government.

By applying its skills and experience, IPM can assist all stakeholders with independent assessments, detailed financial modelling, testing of a number of scenario's and delivering solutions focusing on financial turnaround strategies, sound management and sustainability.



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